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Teresa Helbig FW24: A flight to french history and craftsmanship 

Victor Hugo said on Les Misérables that «not being heard is no reason for silence», and we can say that the Spanish brand, Teresa Helbig, followed by the quote. She has stepped out of her comfort zone by doing a show in the nation that occupied her dreams, Paris, while making sure that across 58 looks the codes of the house were intact and expanding, at the same time. 

Celebrating her 30 years of adventures in the fashion industry, she presented a collection in the city of light, inspired by Les Misérables. A smooth and silent revolution was presented through the reinterpretation of military Gallic uniforms and second skin dresses. The color palette was all about the French colors and the natural and soft makeup was provided by Nars.

Thanks to the support of Iberia, the Spanish designer flew out everyone from Spain in a plane with her own name on it. After her experience making the uniforms for the established airline, they paid back the designer by making her dreams come true. They value creativity and persistence, as a company, and that is why they believe in Teresa Helbig’s vision. Also, the Spanish National Fashion Award in 2023 was a big moment for the brand to get trust by other industries and by the country that forged their identity. Excerpts from Victor Hugo’s book made it a reality for her: “there is nothing like a dream to create the future”.

1832 Sur Mer is what the collection is called, and the scenography was all about a minimalist white barricade. It was all very militarized reflecting the revolts that occurred that year in the French country. And as the work of the designer, pushed the culture and life of their country into a better place and one more recognizable. This astonishing manifest was shown at Galerie Joseph on Le Marais (where the old Pierre Cardin museum was located). An array of ambassadors from the brand (famous people from Spain) supported Teresa Helbig, among them were Luz Casal and Macarena Gómez to name a few. They were witnesses of the magic presented in Paris.

For the next season, the designer bet on reworked tailoring and historicist moments along a color palette that was dancing comfortably through the runway. Embroidery and mini dresses were there too, but they are recognizable signs of the brands. Clean silhouettes and lots of artisanal work is what the brand is known for and they are the best at it. With the help of her mother, who bursted into tears on the finale seeing all the world that they had created over the years. A romantic take on French culture that is never going to be forgotten, at least in the Spanish community.

Words: @alraco43