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THE ANGELS ARE BACK: A Renewed Runway After Six Years of Absence

After a prolonged hiatus of six years, the iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion show has returned, bringing with it a wave of excitement and renewed expectations. This event, which was once a staple on the fashion calendar, had ceased in 2018 due to a series of controversies and a shift in cultural and social trends.

The reappearance of the «Angels» marks a significant effort by the brand to reinvent itself and align with a more inclusive and diverse vision. In this edition, a broader representation of bodies, ethnicities, and styles has been highlighted, reflecting a commitment to evolution and inclusion in the fashion industry. This change responds to the criticism that Victoria’s Secret previously faced for promoting unrealistic and exclusive beauty standards.

The new show has not only been a fashion runway but also a platform to celebrate diversity and authenticity. Models from various backgrounds and with different body types have been part of the spectacle, sending a powerful message of acceptance and empowerment. Additionally, the production of the event has incorporated innovative and creative elements, with a spectacular staging that blends fashion, music, and art.

Among the novelties of this edition were collaborations with emerging designers and the use of sustainable materials, underscoring the brand’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. These aspects have been well-received by an increasingly conscious and demanding audience in terms of ethical and environmental values.

The response from the public and critics has been positive, highlighting the show not only as a triumphant return but also as a reflection of an industry in transformation. Victoria’s Secret’s bet on a more modern and realistic image seems to be paying off, attracting a new generation of followers and winning back those who had distanced themselves in recent years.

This comeback marks a new era for Victoria’s Secret, in which it seeks to balance traditional glamour and fantasy with authentic representation relevant to today’s society. With this renewed vision, the brand appears poised to face the challenges of the future and remain a reference in the fashion world.

Words: @casandrammaggio