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The Eight Finalists of the LVMH Prize 2024: A Glimpse into the Future Leaders of Fashion

The prestigious LVMH Prize, known for its ability to discover and support emerging talents in the fashion industry, has revealed the eight finalists who will compete in its 2024 edition. These young designers have been selected from a wide range of international talents, standing out for their creativity, innovation, and unique vision in the world of contemporary fashion.

This year, the list of finalists offers an exciting combination of styles, techniques, and approaches, reflecting the diversity and constant evolution of the fashion landscape. From avant-garde proposals to bold interpretations of timeless classics, each finalist brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the industry.

Among the finalists are names that are already making a significant impact on the international fashion scene. Their collections have been acclaimed for their originality and quality, earning them a prominent place among the most promising designers of the moment.

The list of finalists includes designers from various parts of the world, highlighting the global and cosmopolitan nature of the LVMH Prize. From emerging talents in Europe to innovative creators in America and Asia, this edition of the prize showcases the richness and diversity of creativity in contemporary fashion.


Aubero by Julian Louie from the United States.

Duran Lantink from the Netherlands.

Hodakova by Ellen Hodakova Larsson from Sweden.

Marie Adam-Leenaerdt from Belgium.

Niccolò Pasqualetti from Italy.

Paolo Carzana from the United Kingdom.

Pauline Dujancourt from France.

Standing Ground by Michael Stewart from Ireland.

The finalists not only represent the future of fashion but also the direction in which the industry is moving. With a renewed focus on sustainability, inclusion, and technological innovation, these designers are redefining fashion standards and setting new trends for the future.

The LVMH Prize not only offers recognition and prestige to the finalists but also valuable financial and professional support to help them develop their brands and take their careers to the next level. In addition to the cash prize, finalists have the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and receive guidance from some of the most influential names in the fashion world.

As the final of the prize approaches, excitement and anticipation are at their peak. The eight finalists are ready to face a renowned international jury, composed of influential figures from the fashion world, who will evaluate their collections and determine who will take home the coveted LVMH prize.

At a time when fashion is undergoing significant changes and facing new challenges, the LVMH Prize highlights the importance of supporting and celebrating emerging talent. These eight finalists represent the best and brightest of the next generation of designers and are ready to make their mark on the global fashion industry.

Words: @casandrammaggio