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The perfect beach day Fashion Film

If you live in Los Angeles, you know what a utopia that is, especially for us in the East side. But you also know that sometimes it happens. Once every ten years all the elements align and you get the perfect day at the beach.

For the next ten years, the memories of that one day would be the only thing making you get in your car and drive, once again, to that one beach in Malibu.

This film is made of those memories 🙂


LE·BOBÚ @lebobu_brand is a sustainable fashion brand made on-demand in Barcelona, where we work in a family workshop and with local suppliers to promote proximity products and responsible consumption.

JANIRA GAYA @janiragaya is a handmade brand from Barcelona, colorful and zero waste. It focuses on creating reversible pieces with deadstock fabrics.

Talent: Emanuela Boisbouvier @emanuelabbvr & Sophia Phern @sophiaphern

Director/Creative Director: Julia Ponce Díaz @juddietautou

Production Company: Discordia @discordiacine

Producer: Gia Rigoli @giarigoli

Cinematographer: Bryce Holden @bholden19

Editor: Colton Warren @cinesir

Composer: Talk Bazaar @talkbazaar_

Colorist: Shiny Syko @shinysyko 

Photographer: Lauren Lotz @lauren_lotz

Special Thanks: Taylor Liyucan Chen @c.l.y.c , Marina Pérez @salma_rina , Céline Bava-Helms @celinebavahelms , Anne-Sophie Bine @annesophiebine