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TRÈS GAULTIER Features Amelia Gray and Tokischa as Protagonists

Have you ever wondered what the atmosphere is like in Jean Paul Gaultier’s offices? Located at number 325 on the Parisian street of Saint-Martin, the headquarters continues to be the meeting place for its residents, guests, muses, and friends. Now, Torso sneaks through all its hidden corners and invites us to discover them firsthand through an effervescent video.

Between fiction and reality, the campaign imagines a day in the offices where Meng, the fit model of the Maison, takes on the role of chief designer of an imaginary studio. It-girl Amelia Gray, with a rebellious spirit, poses alongside the Haute Couture section; while Vladimir McCray, actor and model, plays a fundamental role behind the scenes.

And to make this proposal even more iconic, Tokischa appears, embodying the new generation of enfants terribles and strengthening her close relationship with Jean Paul Gaultier while assuming multiple leading roles.

«This collection does not reproduce Gaultier’s iconic pieces, but offers modern interpretations of the Maison’s archetypes. With TRÈS GAULTIER, I wanted to question our foundations and adapt them to the social and aesthetic transformations that have occurred since its creation. Through these completely new silhouettes that form a complete wardrobe, one can fully imagine who the Gaultier person is and what their desires are in terms of fashion and belonging,» declares Florence Tétier.

Words: @annaamaso