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UVNT Fair 2024

The avant-garde proposals of UVNT take Madrid by a storm from the 7th to the 10th of March.  The 8th edition of the UVNT art fair will grow in scope and number of exhibitions, giving a more  mature and sophisticated flair to the fair. “UVNT is in a moment of change” admits Sergio Sancho,  its founder.  

The initiative began as a form to introduce the latest contemporary art to a country who was  unaware of the influence that urban art was having on the emerging creative industries and artistic  trends. And that is precisely what sets UVNT apart, a strong antiestablishment personality that is  deeply rooted in their DNA and that always dares the public with its proposals. 

The new space in Matadero Madrid will host 38 national and international galleries (4 more than  the prior year) across their circa 3000m2. The essence of the fair will prevail in the new venue,  where the diaphanous space will give range to the exploration of the latest languages, movements  and novelties that the art world is so hungry for.  

Consolidated as one of the prime cultural spaces of the city, Matadero promises to create the  ideal synergy with the UVNT fair, which is characterized by a constant evolution and strives to  surprise the visitors with the transgressions of its numerous international proposals.  

Urvanity Projects, where UVNT brings art closer to society throughout the entire year proves  UVNT as something more than a fair, but as a cultural reference where art meets the street.  Furthermore, UVNT will create a significant program of art outside of the fair walls in an effort to  democratize and expand the perspectives of art outside of the fair walls. 

In addition, sections of the fair like UVNT Mahou talks, that will host conversations centered  around art or other areas such as UVNT young galleries, which will serve as advocates of the  latest youngest talents, promise to enhance the fair experience “this year will, no doubt, gonna  give a lot to talk about” predicted Sergio Sancho, founder of the initiative.

Words: @edugilhurta