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Versace Pre-Fall 2024

Donatella Versace’s recent venture into men’s fashion diverges from the opulence and flamboyance that have become synonymous with the Italian house. This collection offers a more restrained and relaxed aesthetic, showcasing an array of luxurious yet understated pieces.

Featuring cashmere coats, wool jackets, and trousers, as well as various knitwear options and denim pieces, the collection is characterized by neutral and muted tones. Even when incorporating iconic Versace prints and motifs, the color palette remains subdued. Donatella Versace shared her perspective on the collection with Vogue, stating, «It’s a very personal reflection of the pieces I love the most at Versace and wear every day and the pieces I like most in the men around me.»

Departing from the brand’s typical bold patterns, the menswear line for Pre-Fall 2024 emphasizes textiles and tailoring techniques inspired by everyday luxury. Trench coats and blazers showcase the house’s classic floral motif in an all-over grey hue, complemented by similarly-colored jeans for a more casual appeal.

The collection introduces roomy constructions, sharp tailoring, and expert layering techniques. White logo T-shirts and tank tops serve as foundational pieces, infusing formalwear with a casual touch that aligns with the ethos of quiet luxury. While the overall tone is subdued, classic gold prints make appearances on track jackets, button-down shirts, and shorts, adding a touch of Versace’s quintessential royalty to the collection.

Versace’s Pre-Fall 2024 menswear collection strikes a balance between refined shapes and a nod to the brand’s iconic extravagance, making it a noteworthy departure from their usual flamboyant style.