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Versace Redefines Sexy for Fall/Winter 2024 with a Bold Blend of Rebellion and Elegance

In a departure from its iconic reputation for sheer sexiness, Versace’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection took a daring leap, infusing its renowned glamour with a rebellious spirit and a kind heart. The runway showcased a fusion of edgy elegance, with supermodels Gigi Hadid and Mona Tougaard leading the charge.

This season’s Versace woman embodies a fearless spirit, unapologetically doing what she wants, mirroring the rebellious nature synonymous with Donatella Versace herself. Structured-bodice dresses, textural leather numbers, tweed co-ords, and skin-tight bodysuits dominated the darker side of the color spectrum, creating a captivating blend of sophistication and rebellion.

Versace introduced playfulness into menswear, featuring sheer cropped tops, glossy overcoats, and sherpa-style jackets. A surprise runway appearance by Jacob Rott from the Elevator Boys added an unexpected twist, as he confidently sported a red-checked tweed coat.

The classic Versace leopard print took a darker turn this season, lending an edgy aesthetic to corset bodysuits and matching leggings. This punk-inspired theme extended to a series of outfits adorned with ombré black sequins, creating a stunning waterfall effect. The incorporation of Versace’s signature golden print and a leopard-printed, Medusa gold-buttoned mini bag added a bold finishing touch to the looks.

For men, Versace showcased sultry materials such as mesh and leather, combining them in a button-up top to create a striped effect. Gold-belted trousers and gloves further elevated the sex appeal of the menswear collection.

The showstopper of the evening was a dress modelled by Mona Tougaard, reminiscent of a sculpture crafted for a Greek goddess. The sequined brown number featured a strapless, rounded bodice and a draped lower half, epitomizing the timeless beauty and allure of the Versace woman.

Versace’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection not only redefines sexiness but also celebrates individuality, fearlessness, and a rebellious spirit, proving that the iconic fashion house continues to push boundaries and set new standards for elegance with every season.

Words: @annaamaso