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 Wardrobe of a crashed high schools student by ERL FW24

After presenting live in Pitti Uomo last June, Eli Russell Linnetz is back with a look book. CRASH is a collection full of wearable clothing, with some costume items, that represents the lives of Venice Beach high school students in 1990s. As always, he is presenting a set of characters that evolve through the photos.

Storytelling is the best characteristic about the Californian designer. The way he has done the photos, the casting, the styling and the clothing is so mesmerizing. In addition, all cotton-jersey pieces in this collection are entirely made in LA, the craftsmanship of American culture, a hoodie and some pants.

It is an evocative and a brilliant collection where different sections coexist, trying to define stereotypes in the world he is creating. The first part is presenting daily outfits, with some inclusion of underwear. Sportwear pieces are all about hockey and football aesthetic. Also, we can find some punk looks where every detail has been hand-fashioned by the designer, a studded treatment that elevates that section into the next level, provoking even clutter feelings to the audience. Finally, there is a costume center section where the idea of an American homecoming is presented, but not everyone in the story made it.

Driving into the unknown with every work of ERL. In this case, 37 looks that are infused with a level of detail that is brutal to the eye. The American youth is represented so well that nostalgia runs through the blood of everyone that sees the imaginary. Storytelling as a way of life in fashion is always necessary.

Words: @alraco43