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Who is Sabato de Sarno? A Gucci Story.  

A golden bracelet and Sabato’s manifesto served as the invitation for Sabato  de Sarno’s debut collection at Gucci. This show is a story of passion, people,  dancing nights out, kissing, movies, and more kissing, said the manifesto, this  has a lot to say about what Gucci and the new Gucci Ancora would be, but  none knew who the recently appointed creative director was. Who is Sabato de  Sarno? Few people in the fashion circles could provide an answer. To answer  that question, we have delved into the latest documentary that the brand has  released with mubi, the indie movie platform that is available on the platform  from March 15th and goes under the name: Who is Sabato de Sarno? A Gucci  Story.  

A year after his first collection for the brand, the documentary sheds some  light on the creative process that went into it, including the investigation of the  brand’s archives and insightful interviews with team members.  

Of great dynamism and with the voice of Paul Mescal serving as narrator, the  piece honors its name by telling the story of De Sarno through the lenses of  Gucci. As many other fashion documentaries have done before, it tells the  story of the making of the show, however, the sensibility of the piece can be  greatly appreciated through the way that De Sarno is presented, personal yet  professional. 

It provides an insight into the hermetic world of luxury making it appear more  approachable through small fun facts that are shared such as the invitations  that were handed to more than 90 of Sabato’s closest friends and family.  Sabato, which in Italian means Saturday, indicates that people used to joke  around his name: “Is your mother called Monday and your father called  Tuesday” 

The documentary tells an inspirational story, one that has been crafted through  the years and that involves a lot of hard work and sacrifice to reach his 

position. “I wasn’t born creative director, I was Design Director, Assistant,  Assistant’s Assistant…” Sabato, who was been working for a big Italian fashion  brand for more than 20 years concludes “I know the process” 

A fluid, playful editing can be noticed through an aestheticism that adds  cohesion to the documentary while also adhering to the expectations that could  be had on Gucci, one of the most international Italian fashion houses. 

This a fluid, playful 20-minute-long piece that proposes a question: Who is  Sabato the Sarno, and a bold answer, the new creative director of Gucci, the  iconic fashion house. The length of the documentary makes it accessible for  the not fashion savvy, while its emotional and clear structure will make them  enjoy it even further. 

Federica Salto, who was a Senior Fashion News Editor at Vogue and the current  Head of creative office communication at Gucci remarked on Instagram: “It’s  all about joy” 

Ancora, Ancora, Ancora, the song of Mina, the iconic fashion singer, sounded to  the move of the models and the dazzling fabrics. “For him, ancora means I  want more. It’s a concept” Says the documentary. “My show is about shape,  volume, the right fabric, the right color” states De Sarno. De Sarno created a  collection centered on the details, where accessories, were the center of the  collection was in the details, a statement of his perfectionist behavior.  

This heartfelt documentary will surely be on the lists of fashion adepts, but if  you are not a fashion fan I would also recommend to watch for its great visuals  and aesthetic proposal. This is the new Gucci, Gucci Ancora. And if you want to  know all about the creative mind behind it. This is the documentary.

Words: @edugilhurta