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Xander Zhou FW24: A technological masquerade ball 

Being the first menswear fashion designer from China to be part of London Fashion Week was not an easy task to accomplish. His work has been growing exponentially in the concept and garment categories, it has been a ride to see how the designer formed a community where boundaries between form and function were explored.  For this season, he is going back to his roots and presenting in his own country. Being part of the Shanghai Fashion Week allowed him to be more creative and to have good coverage from the international press. 

Across the 69 looks, Xander Zhou presented a high-tech couture fantasy where he approached menswear using scientific research as the method of creation. SCIREMONY is the name for a collection that resulted in laboratory experiments that push his ready-to-wear to a whole new creative level. He also played with the idea of a futuristic masquerade ball, where humans and animals are connected through technology. Held at a replica of the Natural History Museum, it fits so well the theme selected where robotic animals are the future for humanity, seeing how nature and technology would mix.  

Futurism is a word that has been going around since the early 20th century and has provoked in society a vision ahead of the present they are living in, a way of imagining the future in ritualistic ways to not confront the present. The fashion designer confronted the classical idea of a formal suit as the start point for a collection that is concerned with the human. We can see a melancholic feeling through the tailoring reimaginations and the half-bionic stoles, a mechanical design language that taught us to rethink how moody our future is looking like. 

A precise dramatic flare was represented by a selection of tones that range from a neutral place to the intensity of red and blue tones, having space for an array of emotions that technology can express through techy ornaments. As the designer puts it out in an interview shortly after the show: «the future is an enigma and my designs are conjectures, dramatized projections of hypothetical scenarios».

Words: @alraco43