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Yohji Yamamoto: Defying Fashion Norms in Milan’s 10·Corso·Como Exhibition

In the latest installment of 10·Corso·Como, in accordance with Tiziana Fausti’s vision, the Gallery exhibition space persists in its dedication to fashion culture with a unique project by a designer who has stirred and inspired a distinctive aesthetic and imagery: Yohji Yamamoto. Renowned as the poet of black, Yamamoto’s career has been characterized by his challenge to fashion norms. His collections have reshaped the concept of beauty, defying stereotypes in pursuit of a new understanding of the body and a universal silhouette.

Organized by 10·Corso·Como and Yohji Yamamoto, the project, curated by Alessio de′ Navasques – a curator and professor of Fashion Archives at Sapienza University of Rome – orchestrates a dialogue between iconic runway pieces, recent, and future collections, culminating in an immersive experience. From May 16 to July 31, 2024, within the Gallery’s confines, garments will take center stage in a narrative where each shape, cut, and geometry conveys a sense of futurism and timelessness.

The reinvigorated brightness of 10·Corso·Como’s gallery, stripped down to its industrial essence, evokes a pure and linear layout that unveils an infinite, universally mysterious beauty. Designed as a unified installation, Yohji Yamamoto’s message to Milan and Italy as hubs of creativity is unmistakable. «I want to draw time,» he declared, emphasizing the continuity between past and present, a sentiment he has echoed throughout his career. The exhibition delves into the body of work of a designer who has transformed structured, yet ethereal, cuts and reassembled pieces into poetry that resonates within our thoughts and emotions, bearing his unmistakable signature.

The exhibition conveys a statement on the universal significance of form through the timeless colors of white, black, and red: garments become words in a narrative exploring the relationship between body and space. For Yamamoto, it’s not about a body objectified by gender norms, but rather a body that influences and transforms the clothing it adorns – a radical approach to fashion that amplifies the wearer’s interiority.

Worda: @annaamaso