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Model Nadja Auermann was the first to debut a “gynoid” suit.

Zendaya Stuns in Vintage Mugler: A Fashion Flashback to Thierry Mugler’s Spectacular AW95 Couture Presentation

In the realm of iconic fashion moments, Manfred Thierry Mugler has left an indelible mark, from the motorcycle corset of the AW92 Haute Couture collection to the unconventional runway featuring a mix of personalities, including a porn star and Ivanka Trump. His fabulously camp and ostentatious vision can be summarized in three words: Oh. The. Drama. Cardi B recently brought that drama to the Grammys, showcasing three archive Mugler looks and introducing the avant-garde designer’s work to a new generation.

Cardi B donned a white satin dress from the 1997 Les Insectes collection to accept her Best Rap Album award, along with a cheetah print catsuit with a peacock-esque feather tail and a modern-day Venus gown from Mugler’s AW95 collection throughout the night.

Thierry Mugler’s AW95 couture presentation, held at Paris’s Cirque d’Hiver, stands out in fashion history. Unlike today’s brief fashion shows, Mugler’s presentations were a spectacle lasting an hour or more. The AW95 show, celebrating the label’s 20th anniversary, featured a live performance by James Brown and was broadcast on primetime French television.

Zendaya recently made headlines for her red-carpet appearance at the Dune: Part Two premiere, wearing a bodysuit sourced from Thierry Mugler’s haute couture AW1995 presentation, a true spectacle featuring supermodels, porn stars, and iconic designs that influenced generations of designers.

Law Roach, known as the «image architect,» orchestrated Zendaya’s fashion coup, opting for a bodysuit reminiscent of Mugler’s signature «scalpel-cut» and «aerodynamic» designs. The AW95 show featured chrome-and-Plexiglass bodysuits, gynoids immortalized by Helmut Newton, and remains influential in the fashion world.

Zendaya’s choice to wear the Mugler bodysuit for press interviews before the Dune premiere exemplifies the power and privilege associated with donning runway designs. In the world of fashion, when it’s Zendaya and Law Roach, the allure of method dressing remains as captivating as ever.

Words: @annaamaso